The Words of the Schellen Family

The Father and Son -- Daughter Axis

Hermine Schellen
August 22, 2011

Sun Myung Moon, Haj Ja Han, and Hyung Jin Moon, May 15, 2011

No doubt we are all familiar with True Father's statement in many of his speeches about the Father and Son Axis. Recently I had a profound experience in regard of the "Father and Son / Daughter Axis." I have to add daughter, since I am my Fathers daughter. The Lesson I learned from Aboji not long ago, is that in True Love all boundaries just melt away. A title, position or other fancy type of 'decorations' of a person, ain't 'reaching' very far. They come and go. What will remain with us forever is our true investment of heart and our true identity.

Our investment in loving Heavenly Father, True Parents, our Spouse and our children and of course our 'extended family' will remain forever! Talking about no boundaries, I personally can witness how Aboji is teaching me without saying a word, many important things, helping me to understand more deeply crucial spiritual aspects, via a heartistic communication. For example, I have often wondered, how can one truly succeed to pass through the '8 stages,' starting with Servant of Servant, Servant... etc. on all Levels. Individual, Family... etc.? Or how to practice true Self-denial? How to die unto yourself?

As I thought about how was Aboji succeeding, what gave him this power to achieve all that? It dawned on me that it was the Father and Son Axis, that gave him this power. His deep relationship with God, experiencing this bond of Love which gave him the strength to go through this incredible course of Indemnity!

That means clearly that unless we truly feel to the bone that we are God's Son or Daughter, as well as True Parents we can't, distinguish the true from the false identity within ourselves. Only when we can distinguish between those two identities, will we be able to discard the false self. The true meaning of 'self-denial' and 'dying' unto yourself is related to our 'false Self ' that we need to absolutely deny and get rid of. And it is paramount to clearly separate those two identities, in order for us not to deny our true self, which originates from God.

Denying our True Self, equals of denying God. And from my experience, I can testify that this is, a very subtle attempt of Satan to encourage us to do that. Ones we do that we are paralyzing ourselves within, and as a consequence we lack motivation and strength to take upon us any real challenge, especially related to mission and spiritual progress.

However, only when we are truly connected to God vertically, feeling His unconditional Love for us, when we have this vertical Axis of Father and Son or Daughter firmly established, will we have the power to abolish the false identity. And enjoy with God and our True Parents complete freedom centered on Heart. Freedom to be a True Child of God!


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