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How can someone become a Central Person?

Hermine Schellen
September 18, 2011

Sun Myung Moon, Hak Ja Han, Hyung Jin Moon, and Dae Mo Nim, June 3, 2011

Of course first, the person is anointed by God. And next what is just as important is the person's Life style and behavior. Now some might think, when they hear being "anointed" by God, oh well that's True Parents, and before that Jesus, etc. and many other Central Figures God called throughout history, in many different places and throughout all ages. However this is just one side of the 'coin'. What is the other?

To become a central Figure, or a chosen person in God's providence, can also be a matter of one's personal choice, according to Aboji. As he asked in his speech 1998, Oct. 3rd in Brazil: "Raise your hands those who would like to become a central figure, a chosen person in God's Providence? If you have ten members in your family and you sacrifice completely for them, and give everything to them, then you will be the central person in your family, automatically. If you live that way, your whole family will love you. And you are going to become a Central Person among your relatives, the best among them. Next you can become a Patriot of Patriots in your nation, and Saint of Saints in the world, as you continue to give and give, like God. Then God Himself will be like a most wonderful brother to you,and have a direct connection with you."

Aboji says, that the most precious and valuable thing that we have to give, is true love:

"I am here to give and give infinitely and without limit, and that is the purpose of the Unification Church. The reason God is the center of the universe is because He began giving and will continue giving infinitely. All nations want to be the world's central country, but they have to fulfill three important conditions, to actually become a true central nation. The same on the individual level. Everyone wants to be the best, or a central person. But unless one fulfills those 3 conditions, it cannot be truly realized."

Now what are those 3 conditions according to Aboji?:

"As central person or central nation we must first take Responsibility. Second we must be Protective. Protect those around you, protect your environment. And third point is, as a leader, one needs to raise, cultivate(by giving sacrificial love) educate, and mold people through your exemplary life. In order to take dominion over the environment and to become Lords of the environment, we have to take Responsibility to protect, nurture and expand. This principle can be also applied to the Kingdom of Heaven. If we work and live with such mentality, assuming responsibility to protect everything, will it be a problem to build the Kingdom of Heaven? "

As Children of God, in fact we are all Chosen by God to become a Central Figure in a very unique way! That means what God, wishes most for His children, is that we resemble Him internally and externally, through our way of Life and Behavior. Then we are going to become true owners representing God, True Parents and Eternal beings, in a substantial way, not just symbolic.


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