The Words of the Schellen Family

Dae Mo Nim

Hermine Schellen
September 19, 2011

Today (Beirut, 19th Sep. 2011) I had an amazing experience with Dae Mo Nim.

As my heart was feeling very burdened down. Suddenly my Eye was just drawn to Dae Mo Nim's picture. I said in my mind "Oh Dae Mo Nim, I did not 'talk' to you for a while. Oh, I wish you would appear like a 'physical being' in front of me."

And I felt she was smiling at me, while looking at her face. I did not even need to tell her anything how I was feeling, I sensed that she knew very well my circumstance. Not just that, as I was looking at her Eyes, the next thing I noticed was that, all the 'heavy burden' I was feeling suddenly was ' lifted' from my Heart. It was like magic! Absolutely!

I call Dae Mo Nim my Heavenly Mother, sometimes. Because that is how I feel she takes care of me. And she seems to be so disciplined, yet her heart is overflowing with Love. I sense that she loves God and True Parents so much. This is why she is so committed to her mission to help us all to liberate our Ancestors. A Mission she received from God through True Parents.

Kamsa Hamnida Dae Mo Nim and Heung Jin Nim 

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