The Words of the Schellen Family

Victory of True Love

Hermine Schellen
November 10, 2011

Just recently, as I was asking myself, what is truly our True Parents greatest achievement, I would say it is Victory of True Love. The same one could say it's for God. Despite that He lost so much due to Adam's and Eve's Fall, He never let go of True Love. This is why he did not smash everything he created, as He saw His dream of realizing a world of True Love, through Adam and Eve, his prototypes of this ideal world, crumbling in front of his eyes.

Since the Fall of our first Ancestors, truly the cross of true Love has been the greatest cross to bear. If it wouldn't be for the sake of True Love, neither God, True Parents or any Central Figure, Saints and Sages would have gone the path of ultimate sacrifice. The same applies for each one of us. Why is True love so precious? Because only through True Love Eternity can exist and only True Love can define the True purpose of our Life and therefor the true happiness.

Beginning with Heavenly Father himself, without True Love He would have had neither the motivation, or desire to live eternally, or to create things. Aboji's greatest and most important discovery was truly the greatness of True Love. More than ones I could read in his speeches, that what really matters to him is True Love. How else could one explain Aboji's and Omoni's unchanging Heart and Love towards God and Humankind, despite all the hardship and heart ache they had to endure?

Therefore once we truly understand how supreme True Love is, we will have the strength to' climb any hill', or go through 'the wilderness course'. Ones we understand that our God given spouse is truly a central Object partner of True Love and not just a husband or wife, that fulfills our needs, especially sexual. The true purpose behind the sexual union of a couple is to obtain complete ownership of True Love.

True Parents have very clearly demonstrated to us that this is truly the highest and ultimate goal for a couple to obtain, is perfect unity as husband and wife, in order to become owners of True Love centered on God. This is the very beginning point were God's ideal of True Love can substantially unfold on earth. Beginning with the Family through an the ideal husband and wife unity.


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