The Words of the Schellen Family

Words of Internal Guidance by Aboji

Hermine Schellen
November 17, 2011

Dear brothers and sisters. As I was giving the Sermon for Sunday Service last Sunday, I have done this based on a speech Aboji gave May 1st 1992 in Belvedere. With the title Foundation Day Speech. Due to its profound contents, I thought it might be good to share this speech, not at once but in stages in form of series, due to its great contends. (H. Sch.)


"The Name of our church is the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, but we don't have to say the whole phrase." We can just say the Holy Spirit Association." That is us. How long ago was it born? 38 years ago!

Originally in God's providence, the Unification Church would never have been founded. If Judaism had united with Jesus, world Christianity would not have come into being either. At that time the country not just religion – centered upon Jesus would have been born and as they grew, the Cain type Country, which was the Roman Empire would have been influenced. If that had happen (namely Cain and Abel Unity), the country would have inherited Kingship and the world. It would have grown and expanded to the point where, today it would be the country centered on the world. Many other countries would have inherited perfectly the tradition of that Kingdom of Jesus. It would have become like a big tree with many different branches. Jesus country would have been the trunk and each nation of the world would have been another branch, ALL connecting to ONE TRUNK and ONE ROOT. The leaves of that tree would have been the individual men and women.

The huge gigantic tree would have been one nation of God. The flowers and blossoms that bloomed would have been of One Root, One Tree. The 'spirit of the root, and the spirit of the trunk-everything would have been contained within each tiny leaf, which means each Individual. When you look at one cell it represents the entirety of the body from which it is taken. Depending on the order of birth, everything would have been connected.

However that did not happen, and the Second Advent, in which the foundation of Jesus was inherited, became necessary. That foundation began on a national level but had to expand to the worldwide level.

If the Lord of the Second Advent would was welcomed by the foundation of Christianity's 2000 years of agonized expansion, he would have proceeded in exactly the same way as Jesus would have.; embracing the whole world and achieving his mission. The Unification Church would not have been necessary."

(To be continued)

Note: The way True Father describes the establishment and expansion of the Kingdom of Jesus, that could have been realized, if Judaism had united with Jesus. This explanation gives us a very good idea about the way the CIG can be realized and expand. 

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