The Words of the Schellen Family

Pioneering the ICC "Interdenominational Conference for Clergy" Outreach (todays ALC) in America in the 80's

Hermine Schellen
January 7, 2012

Thinking back on our very first outreach towards the Christian Leaders and Ministers, I now can see much more clearly how we can truly unify the whole Religious realm centered on True Parents. For example the entire Christian realm will be very naturally linked to True Parents if we as True Parents representative can love Jesus more than any Christian.

I could see this dynamic unfold when I was in the Crusade team in USA, where we pioneered the Interdenominational Conference for Clergy Activities. (Today's ALC) Imagine in the 80's we went out to all the Christian Churches and denominations in a town or City. Distributing Divine Principle videos and more. Many Clergy Leaders were invited to Korea. Sometimes I could literally feel what was going on inside the Hearts of some Christian Ministers, when they heard that I am representing the Unification Church.

"OMG she is with the Anti-Christ!!" But usually they would not spell this out. That's why it was very challenging in the beginning, because I could feel this huge barrier. Frankly speaking when I started this Mission, and was calling the Christian Ministers to set up an appointment, I was actually relieved when they said that they are to busy right now.

But after a while when we continued the outreach, by having absolute Faith in True Father's Direction, amazing things unfolded. First I started to feel closer to Jesus, to the point that I felt his spiritual presence frequently.

He even appeared to me ones when I was just resting, suddenly he was standing there just looking at me with such a loving heart. In that moment I truly could directly witness the beautiful heart of Jesus.

And from that time on I truly loved Jesus, loved the Christian Churches. Because of that reaching out to the Christian Leaders was becoming very natural. And I felt in many ways guided by Jesus.

In the end the Christian ministers felt that I am an exemplary Christian J imagine this? I was going regularly to their meetings, and trying my best to support the pastors. I could see more and more the barriers 'melting away'. And what was truly interesting is that I could speak allot about the Divine Principle by simply adjusting the terminology. Also they 'weren't afraid to travel to Korea to see Rev. Moon. As preparation to invite them to Korea we organized on a regular base " Interdenominational Break feast meetings". From all of these experiences I can see that only True Love centered on True Parents can link everything together. "Aju" 

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