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A Marriage of the Galaxies

Hermine Schellen
March 25, 2012

Just a couple of weeks ago, I suddenly got the Inspiration to check out the NASA Website. Somehow I was spiritually guided, to do that. And I am glad that I followed my Intuition, to access this website. What I saw really amazed me. NASA is doing a great job in discovering the Outer Space, Galaxies, Milkyways etc.... Many photos they have taken and published are incredible beautiful. I truly believe that, the more we know about our Universe, the more we can also know about God, His Greatness and Endlesness, as well as our own True Self. God has created us as Cosmic beings, just like Him, since we are His Children. "Aju"

Today when I was looking at some new pictures, I was very surprised, when I discovered this photo.

The description talks about Encounter or Collision between two Galaxies. And what is so amazing is to see two opposite type Galaxies come together, concave and convex type. How fascinating to see this phenomena within our Cosmos. Clearly we can see that no matter where you look, on Earth or the Universe, God created everything in His Image or Likeness, as plus and minus.

When Galaxies Collide

This interacting pair of galaxies is included in Arp's catalog of peculiar galaxies as number 148. Arp 148 is the staggering aftermath of an encounter between two galaxies, resulting in a ring-shaped galaxy and a long-tailed companion. The collision between the two parent galaxies produced a shockwave effect that first drew matter into the center and then caused it to propagate outwards in a ring. The elongated companion perpendicular to the ring suggests that Arp 148 is a unique snapshot of an ongoing collision. Infrared observations reveal a strong obscuration region that appears as a dark dust lane across the nucleus in optical light. Arp 148 is nicknamed Mayall's object and is located in the constellation of Ursa Major, the Great Bear, approximately 500 million light-years away.

This image is part of a large collection of 59 images of merging galaxies taken by the Hubble Space Telescope and released on April 24, 2008, the observatory's 18th anniversary. 

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