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To "BE" or "NOT to BE"

Hermine Schellen
April 9, 2012

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han March 24, 2012

The following is a result of my very resent Reflections.

To be or not to be" is the opening phrase of a soliloquy in William Shakespeare's play Hamlet. It is perhaps the most famous of all literary quotations.

This particular phrase came to my Mind when I was reflecting on, the difference between ones Believe alone or the so called "Living Faith". As Jesus said: "if you really believe me, then do as I say". I think in this simple phrase, there is a difference, like 'Day and Night'. True Father gives us the same message with different words, but the meaning is exactly the same. He said that in order for us to become 'Owners of the Truth', we need to practice it or live it on a daily basis. Truly if we just study God's words, believe it and then just simply pass it on, we are acting like a 'transit station', when we just share God's words with others, without putting it into practice.

I remember on so many occasions in my early days in the Church, when I was in London, and hearing Aboji speak to us every Sunday, we all felt so inspired by his sermons and long speeches he gave to us. We believed in it 100%. And yet, not to long time later, the Inspiration started to 'evaporate bit by bit', unless one took immediate action, to implement what we have learned from True Father, last Sunday. Indeed, I can testify that every time I did manage to put at least some things into practice, I noticed that things really happened to the dot as Aboji said they would. Seeing that gave me a great boost in my confidence.

If we take a closer look at Father's Life, we can clearly notice, that he not only was very diligently studying the Bible and other Holy books, he also led a very diligent prayer life and really tried to live up to God's expectations, even at times it was almost impossible to live such extreme life style. And yet, what is his conclusion?

In his words: "To gain spiritual power, one needs to have 'Records and Results' under Heaven." In other words we need to "Be", what we believe in and what we preach.

We need to reach our God given Destination and not hang around in a "Transit Station".


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