The Words of the Schellen Family

How to fill the World with Love?

Hermine Schellen
April 19, 2012

Dear brothers and sisters, maybe in the early days when you joined the Unification Church, you were also singing songs like:

"I am 'gona' fill the world with Love… the whole life through" or "love makes the world go 'round". Or I am thinking of the famous Beatles Song "All you need is Love". Indeed, cuz its nothing else but Love that gives meaning and purpose to our Life.

Actually there are tons of songs and texts out there, praising and glorifying Love, and yet when we look around us we see so often a different reality!

Why is it then so difficult to 'fill the world with Love'? Even when we look at all major religions, including our own, we notice that, quite often it's not love, but much more faith, duty, position etc. that is the domineering factor.

Wherein lies the solution? In my view, if God is the ultimate source of Love, then our relationship with God is very important. However there is one point to consider. If God is our Original True Parent, then somehow this needs to be made visible on earth. God needs to connect His Love in a very substantial and concrete way for us all to see. This is why *True Parents* play such an essential role. To me it does not even matter as much, how perfect they are, but what really matters is that through our True Parents, God's parental or vertical Love can settle on the earth.

As we know, God's Love or the seed of True Love can only be inherited vertically and then expanded to the horizontal realm, to our Families, Society, Nation and World. However the Inheritance of this Love can be achieved first only in a conditional way, due to our situation as descendants from A. and E. who fell in the Garden of Eden. To inherit God's Love completely or substantially, it takes a process. And allot of effort on our side. This has been our greatest challenge, for members and leaders alike. As we can read in the 13th Cor."Faith, Hope and Love abide, but the Greatest of all is Love"

Truly we as a Movement as a whole, and as Central Blessed Families, will only be as successful as much as we are able to generate the power of True Love, centered on God and True Parents. I understand that the key point here is, that whatever amount of Love and Blessing we receive from God and True Parents, we need to "Pass it On". If we 'Don't Pass it On', we automatically block the flow of True Love, and henceforth we are blocking the actual process of the complete Inheritance of True Love. And no amount of Faith or Hope or Truth can be a substitute for True Love. That's why I sincerely believe that we ought to go all the way, and claim the final Victory, by becoming True Sons and Daughters of God and True Parents, based on complete and substantial inheritance of True Love in order for us to be able to "Fill the World with God's Love" and built the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.


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