The Words of the Schellen Family

The Sacredness of a Blessed Couple

Hermine Schellen
May 7, 2012

As Jesus said "New wine must be put in new wine skins". The same I think applies to each Blessed Couple. In other words, unless we are truly able to see our Blessed Spouse from God's or True Parent's point of view, we will not be able to truly comprehend the Great Value our Spouse really has.

If we are looking at each other from a fallen minds perspective, we cannot but see fallen nature in the other. However in order for us to transcend the fallen realm, we need to first and foremost change our inner perspective. We ought to learn to see each other from God's viewpoint or from our Original's mind point of view. By doing that we will discover a complete new reality unfolding before our eyes.

We will be able to behold the Beauty that God has planted in our heart and soul, as well as in all the Creation. We will see the*Beauty in our Spouse and fellow human beings. Because of that we will start to interact more and more with the beauty inside us and around us. And as a result our Spirit will be lifted up high and become radiant and shining. And our fallen nature will drop of like the dead leaves from the tree. Cuz we will stop interacting with it and by doing that stop nurture it and keeping it alive.

Especially as Blessed Couples, Heavenly Father wants us to realize His Vision and Dream for us! He created a man and a woman just as 'half a person', in order for them to be united and complete each other centered on True Love.

Aboji: "For that reason God has interchanged the owners of the reproductive organs, the love organs. The owner of the wife's sacred organs is the husband, and the owner of the husband's is the wife. Only when each is rooted in True love for the other, can they stand in the position of the owner of their spouse. What are we trying to achieve by restoring the position of the Owner?"

"It is to fulfill and embody God's love from that position. The time of Heavenly power and fortune has now come, making it possible for us to reestablish the original family, that was lost through the Fall of Adam and Eve." By us receiving the Marriage Blessing from God and True Parents we are reconnected to God's Blood lineage, and are therefore standing in a position to become an ideal Couple, radiating Heaven's Glory.


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