The Words of the Schellen Family

True Parents are the Greatest Miracle on Earth

Hermine Schellen
May 9, 2012

As I was thinking about our True Parents and the incredible course they walked for so many years, I feel so grateful to True Parents.

My heart is really moved to witness their great Love for God and Humankind.

The position of True Parents is not just a position they received from God, but it is a living testimony of True Parents Love. True Parents have absolutely done their best throughout their life and continue to do so.

It is like a great Miracle to me if I think about, what True Parents have accomplished and Who They Really Are! But if we as direct children or spiritual children don't fulfill our portion of Responsibility, God's Ideal world of True Love cannot materialize completely. Parents and children need to be 100% united in heart. This is how the Inheritance of God's Love can be passed down.

Frankly speaking, tonight as I was thinking about the time I spent in England in the 70's, having the great opportunity to hear Aboji speak so many times, I can truly testify how wonderful it was to see and hear him, pouring out all his heart to us. I witnessed the greatest Love and Compassion for the first time in my life. I can never forget those precious moments.

In the beginning I could not catch what Aboji was really saying as I could not understand the English translation. Because of that, I focused all my attention on Aboji's every move. I used to get up even earlier than many others, just to be able to sit in the front row, in the center, cuz this way I could watch Aboji best. He must have noticed this at times, how I was staring at him 'ha ha', he grinned at me, or sometimes he would just come to me and grab my hair and move it. At first I was so surprised but then, I was so happy to receive direct attention from True Father. I think these are the days when I really bonded with True Parents in Heart.

In a way I truly miss those days so much. If you would asked me what is Heaven for you? I would answer to be with my family, wherever True Parents are!! Just imagine there would be no True Parents? We would have no chance to go beyond the realm of the Fall, plus we could Never feel as real brothers and sisters, cuz we would not have the same Parents that bring us together under one great umbrella of True Love on an Global Level as "One Family under God".


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