The Words of the Schellen Family

The Key to Success Lies In Your Thoughts

Hermine Schellen
June 27, 2012

Surely everyone has heard about slogans like 'the power of positive thinking' or 'to control oneself, means to control your thoughts'.

Why are our thoughts so central? Simply because, our emotions attach themselves to our thoughts. The emotions depend on a 'carrier', in order to be communicated. And this carrier is clearly out thoughts.

Therefore it is paramount to direct ones thoughts, into a positive God centered direction, instead of a negative and Self-centered way. According to our quality of thoughts, corresponding emotional elements attach themselves. For example, if I evaluate something from a very negative and self-centered angle, clearly negative and self-centered emotion will emerge. On the other hand if I choose to look at something from a positive and God centered angle, positive emotions will emerge.

From this analysis it is very clear that our success in life, be it internal or external, on the individual level Family level etc… depends first on our thoughts and second on our corresponding actions. 

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