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Becoming a substantial Son or Daughter of God

Hermine Schellen
July 17, 2012

How can we Return back to God substantially?

Within the last few days I thought allot about our course of restoration as Blessed Families.

Let's face it, time is running fast, the question I have, are we doing all we can to truly return back to God in a substantial way, and not just in a symbolic or conditional way?

True Parents did not sacrifice themselves to the max, just to restore symbolically humankind back to God.

Frankly the time of Symbols and Image etc. has passed for good. We are now actually living in an Age where we can return to God substantially and reclaim out true and original position. How pitiful we truly are, if we are still only considered conditionally Children of God?? Humankind already had the chance for 2000 years to be conditional children of God, through the coming of Jesus Christ and his sacrifice on the cross. As we know clearly True Parents mandate is to help humankind to become Substantial Children of God. How? First, they needed to substantially restore the Fall of Adam and Eve and reclaim the original Position God gave to Human being. Second, they need to pass on the Seed of True Love and their Victory over Satan and Evil Blood lineage. Question, did True Parents achieve this, yes or no? The answer is clearly "YES!"

In deed True Parents won the Victory and could entirely recover the Seed of True Love and God's Blood lineage!

All this they have passed on to us at the moment we attend the Blessing. Now what is important to keep in mind is that True Parents can only conditionally pass on the Seed of True Love and God's Blood lineage. Why?

Because our Substantial Restoration is our Portion of Responsibility! If God would restore us by magic, then we would not be free and independent Object Partners of Love to God. But more like puppets!

The next very crucial point to consider is the exact path we need to walk to become substantial children of God??

Basically there are two central points involved in our substantial restoration.

A) The Formula course of substantial reversal of the Fall. And

B) To have perfect dominion over oneself.

Which in essence means, at no time can physical urges lead us to let go of the true Center which is God's Love! True Father has on many occasions stressed that Mind and Body unity is crucial. Especially as we know that the next biggest dilemma after being separated from God, was Satan's control over our bodies. In short, in order to cut off Satan's influence over our bodies, our Love for God must be in any given moment stronger than our urges for food, sleep, or sex according to True Father. He clearly testified that, following that iron rule, he could eventually win the battle over Satan and recover complete dominion over himself!

How about the Formula Course of substantial reversal of the Fall? Divine Principle clearly state's that, Adam and Eve lost God's blood lineage and their original position as substantial children of God, through the Fall!! Next it says, to regain or recover what was lost, humankind or each one of us needs to walk the exact reverse path. Now let's consider how did the Fall begin? It started with Eve leaving her proper position and allowing Lucifer to control her.

Next it was Eve that tempted Adam to Fall. Only by looking at this points its very obvious how crucial the Role of a woman is when it comes to reversal of the Fall! In short if women don't fulfill their Roles, the path of all men is blocked, even they receive the Blessing, to become true Adams or substantial sons of God. True Father clearly confirms this, when he says that all men or 'brothers' stand in 'Arch Angel' position to him. And all Blessed wife's, are in the younger sister position to him! You see the difference here?? This difference is the most decisive factor! What does this mean for each Blessed couple? It means that the Blessed wife's have the key role to play in reversing the Fall. Since it was Eve that first left her proper position and not just that, she has lead Adam to leave his proper position too. That means each "Eve" or each Blessed wife, needs to go a course to indemnify this, by literally reversing the wrong or evil action committed, to the very end. If she does not she can never become a substantial daughter of God. How can this be achieved? First, a Blessed wife needs to establish complete unity in Heart with True Parents. Or LSA who represents True Adam position. Second, a Blessed wife can never desert her husband! On the contrary she must love her husband unconditionally and in a sacrificial way, to succeed! If she does Not, then neither can she or her husband ever restore the Fall and regain their true position as God's Substantial Son or Daughter.

If the Blessed wife is not willing to pay the price, to help her husband to restore his true position, namely to become a substantial true Adam and Substantial Son of God, the path for both is blocked to return to God substantially. Thinking of the crucial Role a Blessed wife has, it is very important for her husband not to judge his wife, but pray for her, so she can fulfill her mandate.

Some Blessed wife's might feel that this is not fair! Why should women have more burden?

That's the Formula! And nobody can escape from. It was Eve that initiated the Fall of Adam and it is Eve that has to initiate the restoration of Adam. From my own experience within my Blessed marriage life for over 20 years, I can testify that this Formula is truly absolute. If we opt for the real thing, namely complete restoration, not just the 'cosmetic' type we need to follow the Formula course to the dot.


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