The Words of the Schellen Family

The War Within

Hermine Schellen
July 18, 2012

True Father said that the greatest battle we need to win is inside of us. This is Satan's number one base.

His strategy is to conquer on the individual level and next family, tribe etc. As you can see this is totally in line with the Divine Principle. Our development and internal growth to reach perfection, expands from the Individual to the Family, Tribal etc….level. What is different is the Center, Purpose and Motivation.

There is no greater Enemy then the one within our heart and mind.

We can see many examples of that to be true. For example Jesus 2000 years ago had to win first a fierce battle on the individual level. Satan tried all kinds of methods to make Jesus give up his course. The same is true for all historic Figures, and Saints. Only ones they have absolutely Triumphed on the Individual Level, could they do great things on a larger scale or even on world level. The same is very true for Aboji and Omoni. Their Victory and Triumph on the Individual level, opened the path to be victorious on all other levels. 

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