The Words of the Schellen Family

The Greatest Crime in the Universe

Hermine Schellen
August 31, 2012

The Greatest Crime in the Universe occurred when Lucifer stole away, God's most precious being from Him EVE was the final Creation and God's Masterpiece, therefore he invested all of His Heart, all of His Beauty, all of His Goodness, all of His Righteousness and all of His Love in creating her. His Prototype of an Ideal Object partner.

The Impact of the FALL is beyond any Imagination. If we just think about True Father's words, explaining the sexual union between a man and woman, what dynamics actually unfold during the sexual act?...we can get perhaps a glimpse what destruction occurred, when Eve allowed Lucifer to take dominion over her Spirit, Soul and Body.

According Aboji's words, during a Sexual Union between a Man and Woman, all Spiritual and Physical cells Unite!

That means that as Eve experienced this Sexual Union with Lucifer, in that moment their Spirit's became One, and all the Evil Elements, of Selfish and Destructive Form of Love, Corrupted all her Spiritual and Physical cells!! Leaving only God's Original Nature namely the Original Mind in Form of a 'Seed' Intact.

And that's exactly what Eve passed on to all the Following Generations, to all of "us Humans."

We all know to well the 'Bloody Course' True Parents had to pass through to restore the Human Fall.? True Parents had to demonstrate in their Everyday Life in Countless Moments that they Love God more than Anything else. NO Hardship, Craving for Food, Sleep, Sexual Love or any Incredible Difficulty could Overpower Their Love for GOD.!! Only by Demonstrating this Absolute Love to God and for God, Could they become the Victors of True Love!! Clearly, FAITH, KNOWLEDGE, etc. no matter how great and perfect? They alone are Not Enough to Conquer Satan. ONLY THE POWER OF TRUE LOVE CAN! And that means Not something you Express Verbally but it has to be Expressed and Experienced literally and Absolutely in every moment of our Life.!

As we know from the Bible after the Fall Adam and Eve were driven out of the Garden of Eden and the Gate remained closed for Thousands and Thousands of Years, until ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN appeared and Completely restored and Indemnified the FALL!! And this is precisely what TRUE PARENTS accomplished! This is Their Greatest Victory!!. Because of True Parents the Gate to the "Garden of Eden has been Reopened Again, for All Humankind!!. However for us to actually walk inside and be able to live in the Garden of Eden we need to Leave Behind all traces of Evil Elements or Satan, because inside that beautiful Garden, there is absolutely "No Place For EVIL". NO Trace of Evil Can Reside, where God's Eternal True Love Blossoms!! True Parents through the Blessing are leading Us literally to the Gate that has been Reopened. However it is Our Responsibility to Cleanse Our Self Completely from All of the Satanic Elements still Residing in us.! For that that we need allot of tearful Repentance, and an Absolute Commitment to Live our Life Centered on God and for God. That means Our Love for God must be the Primary Source and Motivation for all our Actions. In short we must First and Foremost Be in Love with God!!


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