The Words of the Schellen Family

To Love One Another As We Love God

Hermine Schellen
September 5, 2012

This is the Message that came to me today as a reminder of True Fathers words, as well as Jesus teaching.

More than once Aboji said that we should treat each other as we treat True Parents. With Love and Respect!

As I was out with my daughter, to distribute some of True Father's Autobiography, like we do every day, we had a special experience.

There was a man right in front of a church, and clearly a devote Christian as well. We offered to him the Autobiography, with a brief explanation. He looked at the book and said: "Thank you but I don't need this book, I have a much better book, the book of Jesus Christ" As soon as he said this I got the Inspiration to tell him: that Jesus taught us to Love one another as we Love God. By him reading this book is like expressing love and respect towards the Founder of UPF.

He had to agree and accepted the book.

Now to make a long story short, I think no matter what Religion or Church we refer to including Unification Church. We can say that the biggest challenge any Believer faces is Not how much we Love God, Lord Jesus or any other Prophet or Saint from their particular Faith. For example for us Unificationists is to Love and Adore True Parents! It's so easy to Love and Respect True Parents, but so much more difficult to Love one another. Especially if the brother or sister is not to our likening. We quickly point fingers and criticize each other.

The same struggle is within all other kind of Religions. I think this is the main reason or major stumbling block, why the Religious sphere could not take control of the World affairs. Leaving room for many Social ills to develop and spread out in every corner of the World. If we take a closer look at any Holy Scripture, it always highlights Love and Respect in its essence. Just imagine if all Unificationist brothers and sisters would Respect and Love each other just like they Love True Parents or God? We would become a very powerful church, because it would be controlled by the Force of True Love. It would mean for the Vertical Love to spread out horizontally. Love that originates in God will be channeled through us to all the corners of the world, starting with our Families and communities. That would mean no DIVISION whatsoever. Cuz Love brings All things into Unity and Harmony.


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