The Words of the Schellen Family

True Father might be closer to you, than you think! (a Testimony)

Hermine Schellen
September 24, 2012

Frankly, since I heard about True Father's sickness, and his Hospitalization, in August, I started to feel every time I looked at Aboji's picture, while praying for him, that he is ascending into the spirit world. And tears kept rolling down my cheeks. I found myself saying: " Aboji don't leave the Earth, we still need you around!" Simply I could not imagine Aboji not being physically present, after seeing him for almost 37 years, since I joined our Unification Church For the "8 Day Seunghwa Period", I focused completely to set up the memorial Seunghwa Altar, in our Peace Embassy and inform all our Amb. of Peace and Friends about True Father's passing away.

Sending out 200 Emails, 100's sms and making follow up calls kept me very busy. My Daughter was working with me. Amb. of Peace were coming to the Peace Embassy to offer condolences and their respect for the UPF Founder. Then comes the astonishing News from World Mission HQ, that True Father passed away!!Hearing that I felt pain in my heart. And there was no way to avoid this new reality. I had to face it!

Also former presidents, and Head of the largest political party in Lebanon, and many Amb. of Peace, sent their heartfelt Messages of Condolences, to Mrs. Moon, Dr. Hyung Jin Moon, and their Family as well as to UPF Leadership worldwide.

Due to the high temperature, we could not keep many fresh flowers all week, therefore just one Day before the memorial service, we adorned the altar with many beautiful Lilies and Roses. It took me almost 2 hours to arrange the flowers. As my daughter and I carried them to the altar, and put them right next to Aboji's picture, I felt so strongly True Father's presence, it seemed that he really loved the flowers. The whole altar was shining so brightly filled with an Heavenly Atmosphere, it made me feel like wanting to stay there.

On the 8th Day 13th September my husband conducted a Memorial Service at the Peace Embassy together with several Amb. of Peace. Myself I was heading to the Airport at the same time to catch a Flight to Korea.

Arriving in Chung Pyung on the 14th, I found the whole place filled with many Japanese members, maybe 10 000. Watching all the members, Japanese and Westerners, Africans I felt clearly True Parents have created literally" One Global Family under God" on the Formation stage. Without True Parents we cannot possibly feel like one Family in the truest sense, as we all come from many different backgrounds. But through True Parents we all can meet under "One Umbrella", so to speak.

The 15th September the Day of Seunghwa was the Day to say Farewell officially, as he has physically departed from this Earth. Again I felt so much sadness, and feeling what a huge gap he left behind.

However after coming back from Korea, and resuming my daily routine, to my surprise, I am not feeling anymore, that True Father has left the Earth. On the contrary I am feeling his presence. For example just today while having lunch, suddenly I felt Aboji's spirit around. How amazing! True Father seems to be moving very much around spiritually and can surely visit anyone anytime, if your heart is tuned right. "Glory to God and True Parents"


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