The Words of the Schellen Family

Suffering and Pain

Hermine Schellen
October 1, 2012

There is absolutely no way to avoid a certain Course of suffering as we have to go the way of Indemnity, in order for us to substantially restore our True Self, our families, clan, nation and world.

That literally means we need to go the reverse way of 'the human fall', including '6000 biblical' years of evil history, that we have inherited through our ancestors blood lineage.

When I was reading the book from St. Therese of Lisieux, about 3 years ago, I thought she is a bit extreme as she described her difficult situation in the convent with the sisters she was staying with. She had to endure so much suffering and pain, however she welcomed it and asked Jesus to even, add to her burden.

I thought this was kind of strange. Who really wants to suffer? We rather 'run' away from suffering and pain as far as we can. Interestingly I could come to realize through her own words, that the more suffering she endured the closer she felt to Jesus, her Beloved Lord. She experienced a great depth of Love in her communion with Jesus. Reading her story, reminded me very much of True Father, who had to walk an incredible miserable course together with True Mother, to restore the Human Fall. And throughout his life, suffering and heart ache never really went 'away', as always new challenges crossed his path. Ironically it is precisely his suffering course that has created an unbreakable bond with Heavenly Father. For he could truly understand God's heart, his misery to the depths, that is why he was able to comfort God's Heart so much, and was truly motivated to do whatever he can to liberate God's heart. All his life he focused on how to help God to recreate humankind, lost in the Fallen realm under Satan's control. I think the same applies for each one of us. It is good to see all our challenges and difficulties, our suffering and pain, we need to path through, in relation to God. By going the way of Indemnity and carrying the cross of True love, we will come to understand God's Heart in depth and will be so much more able to comfort him, and work side by side with him to literally recreate this world of evil, and transform it into the Heavenly Kingdom on Earth and in Heaven. Just like our True Parents.


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