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Blessing is a Covenant with God

Hermine Schellen
October 16, 2012

As I was reflecting on the Blessing, I kind of realized that, in general we are always connecting the "Blessing" with change of Blood lineage. However that cannot be the sole meaning. As we all know from the Bible, the term Blessing existed from the very beginning God created Adam and Eve.

At that time they received from God a promise of Blessing. A mandate to realize the 3 great Blessings.

Within those 3 Blessings we have 'the Blessing' as such included, that deals with marriage and husband and wife relationship. I think in order for us to really see the whole dynamic from Blessing, we need to look at it from the original perspective as well or even more though. What is the actual meaning of Blessing in its Essence? It is to realize the Ideal of True Love Centered on God. Now that is much more than just a nice vision. It literally means that a Blessing is nothing less but a Covenant with God. A covenant not centered on the law but on True Love.

For example once we receive God's Marriage Blessing, we are placed in a position to be able to realize within a certain time, an Ideal Husband and Wife Relationship and an ideal Family. Ideal means the Love between husband and wife is directly linked and rooted in God. God is part of that Union. Hence the term in Christianity "Holy Sacrament". The term Holy means that God is part of it. This is why a Blessing cannot be treated just a union between a man and woman. And therefore it cannot be resolved at ones likes or dislikes.

Since Blessing means a Union between God, Husband and Wife. The moment Husband and Wife are united centered on True Love, God appears automatically. He does not require a special Invitation.

If that Union is broken due to a divorce or separation, that means also that there is no foundation for God, to intimately connect to His son or daughter. This is why to break a Blessing is so serious.

If we look at it only from a horizontal perspective, then of course it's not that tragic to divorce if the marriage does not work out, or one falls in love with another person. Of course there is pain involved in any divorce etc., however with time it is overcome. But to break a Blessing, that cannot be easily fixed.

It requires God's forgiveness based on great deal of Repentance, and an Indemnity course. Even one can be re blessed, the scars created are vast and will affect not just the ancestors but our descendants, because of the Central role the Blessing has. And most of all the agony and pain we cause to God is the greatest sin.


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