The Words of the Schellen Family


Hermine Schellen
October 18, 2012

Can you imagine that Love is the strongest Force in the Universe?

Everything down to the smallest particle came into existence because of Love.

We say that we live because we breathe Air. But the essence of Air is Love.

In fact Love is the Essence of every single thing that God created, because he created everything with the heart of Love.

Love is the source of Beauty, Goodness, Truthfulness, Unity and Harmony

Only Love can give true value and meaning to our Life.

What makes God really Almighty? Not his Intelligence, Power, Creativity it is nothing other then Love.

Because God is the Owner and Source of Love, he is Almighty.

What is that God and Human desire most? It is to be in Love and live in Love forever!

This is why, God created everything with Love. Because it is only when we give Love that we can receive Love. It is only in giving that we can receive. 

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