The Words of the Schellen Family

When I behold the Lord of All...

Hermine Schellen
October 21, 2012

Sounds familiar doesn't it? It's the Holy Song # 34, we all have been singing so often. Actually this song contains several Key points to our true Liberation!

As it say's When I behold the Lord of All my old self dies away? It clearly say's that by only when we experience God, our Fallen Nature will Vanish! And then our True Self will Emerge, Clear and Bright and Pure! …(as the song goes)

What does this exactly tell us? It tells us that to believe in a Religion or be part of a Religion including our Church, is Never Enough for us to overcome our Fallen Self! In fact all Religions emphasize the Fallen Nature, the Sinful Nature, in Humans. … "I am a Sinner!" "I am a Sinner!" "I am a Sinner…!" If we keep telling this our self each day a million times, that means we are consumed by our Fallen, Sin full Nature! Yes its true we ought to acknowledge our Sinful Nature and Repent for it. However if we keep focusing none stop on our Fallen nature, we are going to become so depressed and loose all our Energy to do any good or live for sake of others. Give and Take Action is the Key! The more we Interact with our Fallen Nature the worse we feel about our Self. As result we cannot feel God, because God cannot connect to anything that is negative! This I perceive is very much the "Status Quo" in our Church!

My question is, does God Love us after we have overcome our Fallen Nature? Or does He Love's us before that? Clearly He Loves us BEFORE we shed our Fallen Nature. Because His Love is Unconditional Love! In fact, it is only by us EXPERIENCING God and His Love that our Fallen Nature will melt away.

Now how to can we connect to God's Love for us? How can we experience this Love?

Well that's the wrong way to look at it! It is not Us connecting to God's Love, but it is the other way around. It is God who connects to us, the moment we are in a 'minus' position or stand in Object position to God. Believing in and worshiping God is not enough to stand in Object Position to God!

How to become God's Object in truest sense? First we need to Push Aside the Fallen Sinful Nature, by Repenting in tears, just push it aside!! Don't interact with it! No Give and Take Action! Only when we STOP interacting with our Fallen Self, and have pushed it aside, we reach a state of 'Emptiness' and 'Zero point!' Then what? What happens next is *Magic* it is beyond our Control, because it is entirely up to God when and how He Will Interact with Us, and Let Us Feel His Love For Us!! This is precisely the moment "When we behold the Lord Of All…and when our Old Self starts to Die away"!! Dying means its Gone for Good!! And our True Self Emerges Clear and Bright and Pure!!


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