The Words of the Schellen Family

Choose LOVE!!

Hermine Schellen
January 4, 2013

If we asked our self, what is True Father's most important Legacy that he left behind, then its truly, that He always chose LOVE, at any moment of his Life. His Love for God was the central force behind all that he did. As he succeeded to put his Love for God first, no matter what circumstance he found himself in. Even as extreme as the Hungnam prison camp. His heart towards God remained unchanged. And it was this absolute love for God that enabled him to love Humanity and each one of us. This Love for God gave him also the complete power over Satan and enabled him to restore the 'Fall of man' together with True Mother.

True Father never allowed himself to be controlled by any external power, position, money etc. all his life. Even he had power position and money for most part of his life, the amazing thing was that he was always ready to let go of it at any moment. It was because of this basic attitude that True Father was a truly a totally free man inside.

He put "Love above All". And clearly he proved to us all, that only within the realm of True love, we can be totally free.

The moment we allow money, power, position or any other external thing control our Life, we are far from being truly free inside our heart. Not just that our life becomes so complicated and limited in many ways.


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