The Words of the Schellen Family

A Man longs to meet a true Woman and a Woman longs to meet a true Man

Hermine Schellen
January 25, 2013

The reason why we long to meet a true Man or a true Woman, is because we long to see God.

As we were created by God to be His true Object partner of Love, we cannot find real happiness in our life, even we would become the richest person in the world, unless we truly find and meet God in a most personal and intimate way.

How can we meet God in the most intimate way? Only through a true Man or true Woman.

This is why our True Parents Value, is immeasurable. As a true Man and a true Woman, they completely resemble God, his heart, his nature and his character.

Each one of us has the same characteristics of God inside our heart and mind. However our greatest challenge is to separate the true from the false. It is the hardest thing to do because, the false nature and character is clinging to us, like it never wants to let go. It became like the second 'Self'. With its own identity or DNA, its own dreams, its own likes and dislikes. It exists right next to our True Self. That is longing to meet God more than anything.

But how can we meet God, who is practically invisible? The closest way to meet God, the other "You" is through a true Man or true Woman. Because God dwells inside them.

Naturally our Blessed spouse is predestined by God to become our closest link to God. Hence the more our spouse becomes a true Man or a true Woman, the more we can experience God through our spouse. 

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