The Words of the Schellen Family

Let your Light Shine

Hermine Schellen
January 27, 2013

We all have heard this biblical quote. Jesus said, we ought to not hide, but let our light shine.

Each of us as Central Blessed Family received God's abundant Love and His precious words through our True Parents. God's words and love are like a bright light.

We all had moments where we could feel this tremendous Heaven's Blessing, lifting up our inner heart and spirit so high. Yet just like there are sunny days and there are cloudy days.

Our mood swings between 'bright and sunny' to 'cloudy or very cloudy', the frequencies of the change depends on our experience we have each day. However we should be aware what effect or impact our state of mind has on the people around us, especially our children, who observe us very much even without us realizing it at times. What has a lot more impact on our children is not what we teach them, but what example we are setting. We are being judged automatically by how WE ARE! I think that many second Gen. could not feel very inspired to watch us parents feeling always so burdened down, our faces will reflect that by looking 'gloomy', well we are carrying the cross of indemnity we tell our self.

However our children cannot really understand this, especially as they are young, full of energy and inner drive to achieve something great in their life, they have hope and vision.

In short they have usually lots of positive energy. But when they watch us, they catch the exact opposite feelings. In short we are signaling to them indirectly that it's not so 'exciting' to follow True Parents. Personally I think this is one of the reasons why so many second Gen. according to True Mother, left the church and started looking elsewhere for "Happiness".

I think the same is true for other people around us. So what's the solution?

I think we need to let our light shine. Let us not bury it under "indemnity", worries of all sorts, burdens, etc… Yes we cannot avoid indemnity and certain burdens they are part of our life. However we cannot allow these difficulties dominate us. How to keep a smiling face despite all odds? First I think we need to 'count our Blessings from God, each Day" let us not forget them, not for a moment! This will naturally help us to feel gratefulness, and this will lead us to be positive. Even in very tough moments when feeling so burdened down, sadness, etc. We keep our 'smile'. It will have a very good effect on others, especially on our children and our spouse, they will feel much more comfortable and at peace being around us. And they will feel the warmth of our Love and Inner light that shines through us. 

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