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46th True God's Day Set's a New Tradition

Hermine Schellen
February 10, 2013

Dear brothers and sisters Happy Holidays to you All. When I checked yesterday before Midnight, it was great to see already a Video of the Midnight Prayer by True Mother from Korea. Thank you!

Reading the HQ memo that we received a few Days ago explaining, the "God's Day Celebration". I noticed several new changes. First the Name, now we call it "Heavenly Parent Day" instead 'True God's Day'. Next we have other Holiday celebrations included:

A) True Parents Birthday
B) Coronation for God's Kingship
C) True Parent's Day

As we were cutting the Cake we were singing "Happy Holiday's for each of the Holidays, starting with God's Day:)

Plus our True Mother is for the first time leading the major Holidays commemorations without True Father's physical presence.

True Mother is now clearly our Global Leader. Her unchanging and determined Heart towards God (our Heavenly Parent), towards her beloved Husband our precious True Father and to God's Providence is truly an Inspiration. She is standing tall like a' Lighthouse.' Shining for us all illuminating our path in the Year 2013.

Thank you True Mother

(These are some excerpts from the memo)

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification:

The 46th True God's Day midnight prayer and kyung-bae ceremony will be broadcast live via internet. Details of the webcast will be sent out soon.

2) Members who are unable to participate in the midnight prayer at the Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center should take part in this ceremony at their local churches through the live internet webcast.

3) The commemorative ceremonies for True Parents' Birthday, Coronation for God's Kingship and True Parents' Day should be celebrated together with the True God's Day kyung-bae ceremony. 

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