The Words of the Schellen Family

Who is Really One?

Hermine Schellen
March 6, 2013

In my view we are just facing the ancient dilemma of History repeated over and over again. Every time an ethnic group of people claims to be better than the others, we have a problem!! Why? Because it is inborn in each human that they are # 1, cuz that's what they are, each human being is # 1, from his or her Original design or DNA. Because God created each one to be an absolutely unique child of God. So it just does not figure that one is better than the other from the original perspective.

I think it is because of that that sooner or later problems arise. Cuz we cannot be really happy in the long run, if we cannot fulfill our true potential, that means "become # 1" So if we are told, no you are # 2, 3, 4, etc. and "I am # 1", we are indirectly denying that person's real Identity or that peoples original Identity.

I think this is the root of lots of problem within the human relationship. In my view this is why Jesus said, "I came not to be Served, but to Serve", he as the only begotten true son of God, humbled himself like this because he looked at the original DNA of the people and wanted that to be activated, through him showing Love through serving. 

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