The Words of the Schellen Family

The Syrian Tragedy

Hermine Schellen
March 30, 2013

The war that began in March 2011, displays all the ugliness that a war can have.

The saddest thing is that innocent people, are being killed, made homeless, families are been torn apart. Living conditions reach the rock bottom. Not enough food, water, electricity.

A Nation is suffering in great misery. So many efforts to halt the war by many different groups of people, leaders from other Nations, NGO's failed so far.

Here in Lebanon we have many Syrians now who came here to escape the horror of War. Recently I spoke to several of the Syrian Refugees, I noticed a great saddens in all of their faces, a feeling of being 'lost', uprooted, not knowing what the future awaits them.

May God be with all the Victims and give them strength in this time of great trials. 

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