The Words of the Schellen Family

Love x Love = Love

Hermine Schellen
April 24, 2013

Today I discovered the 'maths of Love'. How to 'multiply Love' in a most powerful way? The best way to 'multiply Love' is within the husband and wife relationship. Once they are caught by Love, they just keep 'multiplying Love', the more they interact with each other. It comes so naturally. It's like magic.

God created man and woman to be the most complimentary beings.

Hence it is a man and woman within a Blessed Marriage that can multiply love endlessly.

The more they interact harmoniously, the more love they generate. This was the exact vision God had when he thought to create man and woman. Through ideal "man and woman" relationship an ideal family can be created, ideal society and ideal world. Hence True Father said, for man the greatest truth is woman and for woman the greatest truth is man.

Men and Women are meant to be God's Co-creators, through Love by being in Love and endlessly multiplying Love in its myriads forms. 

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