The Words of the Schellen Family

Nearer my God to Thee

Hermine Schellen
June 30, 2013

Is a title of a beautiful hymn, as you might have probably noticed.

However it describes well my innermost desire, to be close to God.

Although there are so many ways where we can experience God or His love, especially when we try to reach out to our fellow humans or friends, to lift them up.

But I would say that to be close to ones beloved spouse will naturally draw us closest to God.

Before I started Family life, a Korean Elder and my Leader at that time in USA, advised me to look at my husband as "God". At that time I thought that's funny. However after living together with my husband for 25 plus years, I came to realize how true those words are.

The moment we can embrace our spouse with the Heart of True Love, God draws near to us very naturally. This is not just a theory that we study in Divine Principle or True Father's many speeches. It's a simple yet very profound Truth, that ones husband and wife are perfectly united in mind -body and soul, they will feel perfect Oneness with God. Cuz together they are truly reflecting God's Image and Heart. Hence it is this ultimate unity of husband and wife that I perceive as the noblest and greatest undertaking, because it will transform us into a true sons and daughters of God.

Truly, True Parents have bestowed on us the greatest Blessing of all times, through our Marriage Blessing. However, as we could not receive this greatest Blessing of all as perfect Individuals, we cannot but climb over many 'hills' of our fallen Nature in order to substantially experience this amazing, priceless Blessing from God. Aju 

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