The Words of the Schellen Family


Hermine Schellen
July 15, 2013

What is the best definition of LIFE? I would say Life is the greatest Gift from God. God is the source and origin of our life. Hence all the good that we discover within our self and around us is intimately connected to God. Each living creature has but One Life. Except humans have been Blessed with Life on Earth and Eternal Life. Why eternal life? As we know from Divine Principle, God was longing to have an Object partner of True Love, and since He is a Being of Eternal Life, God could not but create us Humans with the same capacity, to live eternally together with Him.

However due to the Fall of our first Ancestors, we humans became ignorant of our Capacity for Life, and the real Value of our Life? This ignorance led people in general to evaluate their Life, based on their Life on Earth. Which is a temporary, passing phenomena.

This is why it is crucial for us to know what is the real capacity of Life God has endowed us Humans with?? The answer is very clear, thanks to True Parents. We were created by God with the potential to be His Eternal Object Partners of Love.

Then how can we fully develop this potential? As we study Divine Principle, we know the answer to this question too. Divine Principle chapter one very clearly explains that God has given us the 3 great Blessings as the means to realize fully our Potential as Human being. In short the 3 great Blessings are not just something nice that God gave to us, but are in fact the Most important thing for us to achieve in our LIFE. Through fulfilling the 3 great Blessings not just Symbolically or in Image but In Substance, we have truly lived our LIFE to the fullest potential, and lived an absolutely valuable Life. A Life that has prepared us fully for our Eternal Life with God. There is no way for us to even nearly imagine, how precious that Life is, namely living side by side with God, and enjoy eternally each other's Company, explore together the vast and endless Universe?

Not just that, if we would wish for God to create something brand new for us, don't you think He would do it?? For God not even the Sky is the Limit, because God exists above the Sky, underneath the sky and all around the sky. If we would only be able to get even get just a Glimpse of what kind of Life God was anticipating to share with us, I think we would cross any Hill, swim any Ocean and never get tired to invest all our energy and heart to fulfill the 3 great Blessings, regardless the difficulties and challenges we have to face. Sadly enough we cannot truly imagine what great Life God envisioned for us, not just that, Satan who is full of jealousy and Envy, is working Day and Night to blind us from this truth. And try's to distract us away from us to fulfill and hence absolutely focus on the 3 great Blessings. There is no end to his tactics to block us humans. He always counts on our weaknesses, our ignorance, Hence he convinces lots of people, that life is all about being happy right now! Right here!! Therefore he coxes people into seeking only physical or body centered pleasure.

Or on the other hand he keeps people's minds so busy with everyday life worries either way he succeeds not seldom to Entirely lead humans away from them to truly live a life to realize their absolute Potential for their eternal Life, through fulfilling the 3 great Blessings absolutely, while on earth. Aju 

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