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Many Roads lead to Rome, but only one Path leads to Heaven

Hermine Schellen
July 17, 2013

No doubt everyone knows this famous quote about Rome. It has more than one meaning thou, next to the geographical view it also has a political nuance.

However when it comes to the path that leads us to Heaven, there is but one path. It is the Principled Path alone. Nobody not even God Himself can step outside that path and reach Heaven.

Divine Principle is actually very scientific as it contains a specific code or formula, that tells us how we can transcend the earthly realm and plug into the heavenly realm. It does not happen by magic. No matter how much we wish for it or try to find an easier way out. There is No easier way!

Divine Principle way can be so tough yet it's the only way. So what's the basic Divine Principle formula for us to reach Heaven? It is simply the 4 Position Foundation. On every level starting from Individual to Family society etc… the 4 Position is the formula.

No matter what we do, we always need to first make sure that it's within the 4 position foundation. Even when we start of with just an idea? 1st Is my mind or my idea centered on God does it serve God's interest? Or is my idea centered on myself or my body, my physical desires??

Sometimes I think we are all practically experts in disguising our true motives, we even fool our self not just the others that, we are trying to do a particular job for sake of God and others, first and foremost. Where by in reality deep down we are trying to get the maximum benefit for our self. As I said we might very well fool the others as well as our self, but you can be absolutely sure that you cannot 'fool' Divine Principle or the absoluteness of the principle. Being scientific minded, I quite frequently was making experiments with Divine Principle, I wanted to see how accurate they are in my early years of Missionary life. For example when I was fundraising in UK, collecting donations from people on the street and giving them our flyers in return. "ONE WORLD CRUSADE" I could clearly observe that it was a huge difference if I was doing this centered on myself or centered on God and for sake of others.

So at times I would just walk on the street and stop lots of people with the same sentence: "Excuse me please do you have 20 pens for missionary work?" However nobody was responding, they just passed me by like I would be nothing but 'thin air'. In those moments I stopped and looked inside my heart, and I noticed that my heart and mind was 'self-centered'. Yes, 'self-centered', cuz I simply wanted to collect the money and bring a good result so I would' shine.' Once I realized that, I tried to change my inner direction and center from being self-centered to God centered which basically meant I wanted first and for most give people a chance to make a good condition, by them giving a donation they indirectly support God's providence, hence God will surely Bless them in some way I thought. And it was just so amazing to witness what happened next? As soon as I have corrected my inner direction, people where just stopping and handing me their donation, one after another, it was like magic. Although externally I kept the same pattern, the fact that I changed my inner heart from self-centered to God centered made a huge difference. And people were just responding so naturally, like it was the most normal thing to do to give this young lady with a very funny English accent a donation :). This was one of my many other experiences where I could clearly see the Absoluteness of the Divine Principle. And after all I was considered top fundraiser at that time in our team among around 20 members.

Once we have adjusted our self to being God centered literally, then step 2, step 3 and 4 are appearing rather naturally. Our mind will take the lead or subject position towards our body in that moment and hence we will create harmonious interaction within our self and be able to do good, produce a good result even it might be on a very small scale, still good is good. That formula can apply to all levels. Once we are truly centered on God, we will naturally take our proper position, either as Subject or Object when dealing with others, be it our spouse, children or our multiple interaction with others.

If we succeed to operate no matter what based on and within the 4 position Foundation, God will be naturally drawn to us and our life will be Blessed. Hence we will move closer and closer to Heaven's realm. Aju 

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