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The Importance of the Principled Realm

Hermine Schellen
August 10, 2013

The word Principle is among the first words we learned about, when we heard the very first Divine Principle lecture.

The Divine Principle. True Father spoke throughout his life about, how we ought to live a principled life style and remain within the principled realm. What exactly defines the Principled realm?

First it is the center! In every moment when we interact within our self, through our thoughts, emotions etc. the question arises what are our thoughts emotions centered on? Actually many times or quite naturally our thoughts are centered on our own self, the same our emotions. Which frankly means we are centered on our body. Unless we make conscious effort to redirect our thoughts and emotion being towards God, we cannot establish a true 4 position foundation on the individual level that is centered on God and not Satan. 4 Position Foundation, is the fundamental base for all our Action, Interaction and Life.

That means that principled realm is defined by the center and structure of our life that is centered on and rooted in God, starting internally with our thoughts and emotion and it is expressed outwardly through our behavior, actions etc…

Why is it so important to dwell within the principled realm? First we will be able to develop and grow our Spirit to become a wholesome, true Human being, whose mind and body are perfectly united. Cuz all our thoughts, actions will be right on target! Second it is only when we dwell within the principled realm that God can actually protect us. This is why True Father was protected all his life, despite the fact that Satan tried many times and in many ways to attack Father. He was very aware of how God could protect him. This Rule applies to all. Including the True Children. Hence we can observe that whenever a true child, moved outside the principled parameter, God could not protect them.

Therefore no matter where we are or what we need to do, first we ought to check if we are within or outside the Principled realm. Aju 

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