The Words of the Schellen Family

In Search of Our True Self

Hermine Schellen
August 12, 2013

True Self is among the most spoken about. Because it is the "True Self" that was originally created by God as a distinct difference being from God. With a tremendous Value. That meant that God took a great risk to start with in creating us Human's with independent Identity and free Will. However unless God does this He cannot have a real substantial Object partner of Love. If we would have been created just as a part from God, then that would be like God, is in Love with Himself.

However the "SELF "was not created perfect but it needed to grow and develop until it reaches perfection and full maturity. Hence it was in this period that the humans needed to be most cautious and heed the Words and warning of God, as He clearly defined for them the Parameters of the Principle realm.

Unfortunately Adam and Eve, did not listen to God but instead they listened to the destructive words of the 'serpent'. In short they were led to the point of 'Self 'destruction.

And ever since that time the Human beings tried to regain their True Self.

But our sad history shows clearly that this is the toughest thing to do, cuz in order to recover the "True Self ", one needs to completely cut from tendencies of Self-Gratification, Self-Indulgence, Self-Pleasure, Self-Interest. The notion 'hey I don't need anyone to be happy' or I don't need a spouse to be happy is an alarming sign, because the person's Self is clearly under the bondage of Evil, in form of Self Gratification, Self Indulgence etc.. Pursuing such a path will bring a very sad ending to a human. And it will make the person totally unable to perceive God's love. It's like putting the head in the mud, that will make it impossible for us to see the sun. 

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