The Words of the Schellen Family

Our Blessed Spouse is the greatest Object Partner of Love

Hermine Schellen
October 6, 2013

As we know God created man and woman at the end of a very long and intense creation process.

First Creating the Spirit world and the Universe with all it's planets and stars, and the planet earth with it's myriads of creative forms of expression of his heart and imaginations. As the final creation God thought to create his masterpiece, that would completely resemble him internally and externally. Yes externally as well, for God envisioned clearly a form he wanted to manifest himself. And that is precisely the form of a man and woman united. That means unless a man and woman truly unite 100%, they cannot fully reflect God's nature, only some aspect of God. Not just that God cannot see himself fully reflected unless he looks at a man and woman as One. However such perfect unity requires total Unity in Heart and Body.

The more a man and woman can unite centered on God's Heart of true Love, the more God will feel attracted and naturally drawn to this couple. However to reach this unity is a matter of a process, it comes in stages, if interrupted or disrupted, it means that there is a setback. For this process to reach is culmination point, it requires myriads of positive multiple interactions, both spiritual and physical.

Any overemphasis on just the spiritual, or just the physical will create an imbalance or disharmony, hence an obstacle to the process of perfect unity.

Why is it so important for a Blessed couple to reach perfect Unity, because it is only in this unity that they can become a perfect Object partner of Love for God, as they become perfectly one in Heart with God. It is from this moment that they can inherit God's heart, creativity and his power fully.

It is in such complete Ones that God and the perfect Couple will experience the utmost joy in their togetherness. Aju 

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