The Words of the Schellen Family

Lebanon under Attack

Hermine Schellen
January 25, 2014

Recently Lebanon has experienced more and more bomb attacks in many different locations. Not just that there are rockets being fired from Syria into Lebanon.

What makes things very worrisome is the frequent of these attacks. What used to be more like 3 to 4 times a year has increased to almost once or twice a week now. And the impact is so huge because these are suicide bomb attacks in combination with car bombs. Many people died or got wounded, including young people. One family lost their only son (just 16 years old) another family lost 4 of their children at once last week. We cannot imagine the pain those families have to suffer losing their loved ones in an instant of such cruel bomb explosion. The attacks are being carried out by various Terrorists like NUSRA (off shoot of Al Qaeda) ISIS,I SIL. They were operating mostly in Iraq before and have expanded their attacks into Syria and then Lebanon. Hence the war in Syria poses also a great threat to Lebanon. Plus in Lebanon we have currently 800,000 plus Syrian Refugees (officially registered). (30% ratio to the Population in Lebanon)

We pray and hope that the war in Syria can come to an halt. And all the countries can join force's in combating the spread of this dangerous terrorism.

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