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World Leaders Assembly 2014

Hermine Schellen
February 23, 2014

Hello everyone! I just returned from Korea, where I was attending the "World National Leaders Assembly 2014.

The crowning of the events in Korea was by far the Blessing and Foundation Day Anniversary. It was truly great to witness the Blessing of so many beautiful Second Gen. Couples. No doubt this young people are the Future of our Movement of True Love, to build the Cheon Il Guk.

Also we had the great honor to see and hear True Mother speak to us in the Cheon Jung Gung on several occasions. True Mother spoke to us with a great sincere heart, leaving no doubt that she was absolutely focused on realizing the Vision of establishing the substantial Cheon Il Guk. And it was inspiring to me to eye witness her Heavenly Authority centered on a Heart of True Mother. As she was speaking to all the leaders from around the world, touching our hearts, with her very sincere and profound message, delivered within a relatively short time. It was so obvious that True Mother is the pillar where God's hope rests upon on this Earth. If each one fulfills his or her Responsibility centered on True Mother we shall see a bright future unfold.

Other points on the Agenda were reports from Int. HQ and providential Nations, as well as from our main NGO's like UPF, WFWP, UPA (Universal Peace Academy) etc……

Also True Mother officially appointed the 12 members of the Cheon Il Guk Supreme Council members.

And several presentations were given on the Cheon Il Guk Constitution. We each were given a copy of the preliminary draft of the Constitution. Truly the Cheon Il Guk Constitution is a road map for building the substantial Cheon Il Guk. Glory to Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Aju 

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