The Words of the Seidl Family

Second Fundraising Condition Reflection

R. Seidl
March 2004

I basically started challenging myself with that goal of having absolute faith from the when unity seemed impossible. Instead of giving up I trusted that it would somehow work out and things would get better. And also another thing to help me work on that goal was that at the November WS they made up the new rule that you have to fundraising half a day otherwise you get sent home. I knew I was doomed when I heard that because in the first condition my feet would not allow me to fundraising that much. Still, I just said to myself: ok, if that is the new standard, I will do my best to keep up with it as long as I possibly can, and when I can't do any more let's see what other things God has in store for me. And miraculously my feet were better this condition, good enough for me to go out 4 hours throughout most of the condition. After the first few days of fundraising I was really mystified why my feet were still alright, and not only that but my results were also better again and in the time when I was not fundraising there also seemed to be more tasks for me to do. So I did not get too bored and depressed, just hanging around in the van. I really learned that if you have absolute faith, never doubting, but just knowing that if you give what you can God will take care that everything turns out in the end. I guess that is also an explanation for my external result in FR going up in this period.

This condition I also learned what it means "to be desperate for the people". When we got to Dorubira we each got huge areas that would last us for a week of FR. And Matthew also told us to be really careful with the area cause Voralberg was suppose to be very good area and there was not so much of it. I felt really responsible for my area and tried to do it a systematically as possible so as not to waste any time or area. I was impressed with myself at how much I was investing into that area. And then it happened. I became so crazy about the area and the people there I really wanted to give every single person this chance to make an offering and I really felt something for the people. I felt so bad if a person could not offer. I felt like I messed it up for them and hoped that soon someone else would come along and be able to make up for my mistakes. It is kind of hard to explain what was really going on, but I just would not stop thinking about the people, even when I was not fundraising.

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