The Words of the Seidl Family

Reflections from the European Leaders Meeting 2005 - Rome, Italy - Second Generation Members

R. Seidl
February 24-27, 2005

My main purpose of participating in this gathering was the meeting about the STF witnessing time, since Austria is one of the nations that will receive a team in the next days. But I could benefit so much more from this gathering then just from that one specific meeting. Honestly speaking, I had no idea how much is actually going on in Europe. Several presentations were very impressive and gave me a better idea of what I want to do in the future. I was amazed by the first generation's investment and achievements. We're often told that second generation is the hope of the future, but I think the first generation will still do many incredible things. I hope that from now on second generation will become more involved in these European meetings, because I believe that it is a very good opportunity for first and second generation to work together and especially for us to inherit from the first generation. After all, eventually we will take over and we want to be the best.

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