The Words of the Smith Family

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Testimony (Dale Irwin Smith - March 1970)

The Life of Dr. Young Oon Kim - Unification Church Missionary to the USA (From an interview with Cheryl Smith - 1981 pdf)

This Religious Moment (Huston Smith - August 11, 1984)

Ocean Challenge '86 (Karen Judd Smith - July 1986)

Ocean Challenge '87 (Karen Smith - July 1987)

The Challenge of the Ocean 1988 (Karen Smith - August 7, 1988)

WFWP FAQs (Karen Judd Smith 11/98)

What We Are Doing and Its Social Impact? (Karen Judd Smith - January 1999)

Money Well Spent - Free Teens (Bruce E. Smith - May 13, 1999)

Live Your Dreams (Michael Smith - September 26, 1999)

A Response from Civil Society (Karen Judd-Smith - October, 2000

Revenge or Retaliation or Self Defense (Mike Smith - September 25, 2001)

Report from Jerusalem from Karen Smith (Karen Smith - May 27, 2004)

International Day Of Peace (Karen Judd Smith - September 13, 2004)

How Reverend Moon Came To Be "The King Of Sushi" (Karen Smith - 2006)

Tea Ceremony Models Peace at UN (Karen Judd-Smith - September 26, 2006)

UPF joins UN launch of ‘Global Media Compact’ to Aid Least Developed Countries (Karen Judd-Smith - October 27, 2006)

Super Project For 2 Gens Create Online State Newspaper Based On Ohmynews Success (Mike Smith - April 27, 2007)

Pastors Learn About the Growing Sex Industry at Indianapolis Forum (Bruce Smith - December 9, 2011 pdf)

Indiana Legislation Would Close Sex-Trafficking Loopholes (Bruce E. Smith - January 12, 2012 pdf)

What Black History Month Means to Me (Bruce E. Smith - February 8, 2012 pdf)

God’s True Entrepreneurial Blessing for America: Selfless Giving (Bruce Smith - November 30, 2012 pdf)

Karen J. Smith speaks at 5th Forum on the Eradication of Poverty - Side Event of the Annual Ministerial Review (AMR)/High-Level Segment (HLS) of ECOSOC Substantive Session (Melissa Gontijo - July 3, 2012 pdf)

Solutions Mastery – an Algorithm for Emotional Life Fitness (Karen Smith - November 29, 2013 pdf)

Dale Smith has passed... (David Hill - January 23, 2014 pdf)

Seonghwa Notice: Dale Irwin Smith (Ki Hoon Kim and Michael Balcomb - February 8, 2014 pdf)

Top Gun Advance Conference at the IPEC in Las Vegas (Mike Smith - November 8, 2015 pdf)

Sustainable Peace in the Making (Ruta Smith - December 30, 2015 pdf)

Unification Sanctuary Matching Handbook (Dorit Smith - December 31, 2015 pdf)

Congratulations Krista Smith on your internship with WFWP's UN Office (Angelika Selle - January 2, 2016 pdf)

Greetings from Sanctuary Church Blessed Life (Dorit Smith - January 27, 2016 pdf)

Welcome to all the new Parents and Blessing Candidates who are bold and brave enough to stand up side by side with King Hyung Jin Nim and Queen Yeonah Nim (Dorit Smith - March 16, 2016 pdf)

ACLC Women in Ministry Chicago's Standing in the Gap for Families (Patricia Fliginger and Fannie Smith - March 19, 2016 pdf)

President Barrack Obama Should Pardon Posthumously Reverend Sun Myung Moon before he leaves Office January 17, 2017! (Bruce Smith - April 24, 2016 pdf)

Overview of the 3-Day Ceremony (Jim Stephens and Dorit Smith - May 9, 2016 pdf)

Sanctuary Blessed Life: May Newsletter (Dorit Smith - May 11, 2016 pdf)

Jas Smith's True Love Talks at the Colorado Family Church (Jim Chimes - May 23, 2016 pdf)

You are invited to the Sanctuary Church August Matching/Blessing Workshop! (Dorit Smith - July 23, 2016 pdf)

The Sanctuary process of the matching and blessing (Dorit Smith - August 25, 2016 pdf)

Greetings from Sanctuary Blessed Life - Thank you for our September 6 meeting (Dorit Smith - September 26, 2016 pdf)

Greetings from Sanctuary Blessed Life (Dorit Smith - December 8, 2016 pdf)

In Memoriam, Huston Smith (May 31, 1919 – December 30, 2016) (Mary Rourke - January 5, 2017 pdf)

Greetings from Sanctuary Blessed Life; God's Day, Offering Table and Blessing (Dorit Smith - January 12, 2017 pdf)

Greetings from Sanctuary Blessed Life The next Zoom call is on Monday (Dorit Smith - February 13, 2017 pdf)

Greetings from Sanctuary Blessed Life - Ancestor Liberation - True Parents Day (Dorit Smith - March 22, 2017 pdf)

UN CSW61: WFWPI Parallel Event - Women Fostering Peace and Co-Prosperity (K. Smith, S. Orr, and Nadya Hinson - March 24, 2017 pdf)

Greetings from Sanctuary Blessed Life - 55th Day of All True Things Celebration (Dorit Smith - May 13, 2017 pdf)

Greetings from Sanctuary Blessed Life: Matching / Blessing Workshop for Parents and Candidates (Dorit Smith - November 19, 2017 pdf)

WFWP Chicago's Christmas Service Project at the Rainbow Push Coalition (Fannie Smith - January 31, 2018 pdf)

Dear Sanctuary Church Parent with a child of matching age: (Dorit Smith and Rosemary Yokoi - June 12, 2018 pdf)

You are invited to the August 18th Sanctuary Blessed Life Zoom Call! (Dorit Smith and Rosemary Yokoi - August 7, 2018 pdf)

WFWP USA's retreat at the Calvin Center Camp in Hampton, Georgia (Fannie M. Smith - August 12, 2018 pdf)

You are invited to the October 6th Sanctuary Blessed Life Zoom Call for 1st Generation, Parents, and Advocates! (Dorit Smith - September 26, 2018 pdf)

WFWP Leadership Retreat in Hampton Georgia Reflection (Krista Smith - September 30, 2018 pdf)

Chicago chapter of WFWP speaks at the inaugural of the Chicago Family Church (Fannie Smith - February 3, 2019 pdf)

Sanctuary Blessed Life: Let's meet together again via Zoom on March 16th (Dorit Smith - February 18, 2019 pdf)

WFWP USA Midwest at 63rd Commission on the Status of Women in New York (Fannie M. Smith - March 16, 2019 pdf)

Greetings from Sanctuary Blessed Life! - Guidelines for Matching Candidates (Dorit Smith and Lisa Cowan - April 29, 2019 pdf)

Greetings from Sanctuary Blessed Life: OSDP Workshop the Key Is the Family (Dorit Smith - August 21, 2019 pdf)

Greetings from Sanctuary Blessed Life! On December 28th there is a Blessing (Dorit Smith - December 4, 2019 pdf)

Greetings from Sanctuary Blessed Life: How our growing family has been doing (Dorit Smith - December 27, 2019 pdf)

WFWP Midwest joins ACLC Chicago for our Founders' Birthday Celebration (Fannie Smith - January 25, 2020 pdf)

Greetings from Sanctuary Blessed Life! - A late Happy True Parents Day! (Denton and Dorit Smith - March 28, 2020 pdf)

How COVID-19 Changed Our WFWP Midwest Regional Awards Event (Fannie Smith - April 9, 2020 pdf)

Rose Gbadamassi's Testimony of the WFWP USA's Haiti Medical Mission Trip (Ruta Smith - April 29, 2020 pdf)

Sanctuary Blessed Life: - When you talk to someone, please hide your profile (Dorit Smith - May 3, 2020 pdf)

I am energized to do a few things: Rebuild; Reform; Restructure; and Revitalize (Victor James Smith - July 2020 pdf)

Greetings from Sanctuary Blessed Life! Zoom Matching Blessing Workshop (Dorit Smith - August 1, 2020 pdf)

Peace Road 2020 Midwest: Hate is louder than love, but love is stronger than hate (Fannie Smith - September 3, 2020 pdf)

WFWP USA's The Black Family: Representation, Identity and Diversity (Fannie Smith - February 15, 2021 pdf)

Greetings from Sanctuary Blessed Life: Next Zoom Online Matching Workshop (Dorit Smith - February 16, 2021 pdf)

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