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How to get spiritual help; national Abduction Rallies; True Father's memoirs distribution

Rev. Son
November 28, 2010
Sunday Service
Fukuoka Church, Japan

There was a reading of Rev. Son's (not Song, as previously written) -- Japan's over all leader -- sermon, in summary form. Mr. Shimokawa, the church leader who gave the sermon says we have to also inspire the Spirit World to work with us, otherwise, they won't.

Here are the points which Rev. Son outlined (print out) and was read again at last Sunday's sermon.

These are good reminders: (My unofficial notes from a translation, sometimes paraphrased by me. Check info if needed).

1. Do Seisei (Japanese, not sure of the spelling) or Jeong Seong.

2. We have to be grateful. We should live a life of gratitude from morning until evening . From the time we wake up we have to be grateful. We have to be thankful to God... You have to be thankful to the person closest to you -- your spouse.

3. Keep your promise. Keep the meeting time.

4. Respect all things. You have to be respected by all things...When you go to the bathroom, when you go to the supermarket's bathroom, you may use a lot of toilet paper. If we use too much water in a public place... You should save water... Respect all things. When you do, you can also respect other people.

5. Be truthful. God knows everything.

6. Do Hoon Dok Hae. Read the 8 great textbooks. Do Hoon Dok Hae everyday.

7. Be obedient. True Parents are always leading this kind of life..

8. Have a positive thinking. Take out the negative thinking. When you think negative thoughts, Satan comes. When you get angry , bad spirits come. When you worry a lot, bad spirits come.

9. Study and save. In the morning, wake up at 4 or 5 and clean up. Everything belongs to God. You have to save for your descendants. Get up and do prayer.

10. Be serious in practice..

11. Do your responsibility.

12. Obey your mind. Unify mind and body.

13. (Skipped. Idea not very understandable).

14. You have to improve everyday. Don't be accustomed to your daily life (habits?).

15. You have to be careful with bad customs (habits).

16. Leader has to become a champion to do goodness.

17. Love the heavenly person.

18. When you choose the easy way-- that's going to hell.

19. You have to be loyal.

20. Sacrifice.

21. You have to deny yourself.

22. You need power. In order to have power, you have to study, and be a global person.

23. You have to become a nice person.

24. You have to become professional (life of excellence).

In the latter part of the sermon, there was an announcement that there's going to be national Abduction rallies, simultaneously, in different places in Japan. This will be on Friday, December 3.

The venue for the Fukuoka rally will be at Tenjin's Acros Fukuoka (front). It's from 11 am to 1 Pm. The goal for the national rally its to gather 21,000 people. If you can, please come.

Also, an announcement was made that Japan church' goal (not sure until when) is to distribute Father's memoirs to 1 million people in Japan. The memoirs is available at 900 yen (1800 yen at bookstores) at the church and it started to distribute/sell them last Sunday -- 10 books at discounted price, per family, . 5 books per family were distributed last Sunday.

It seems the purpose of this goal is to also make a condition for Father to be permitted to enter Japan. So... let's do our best. 

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