The Words of the Son Family

Rev. Son speaks from Gifu; Xmas Party

December 26, 2010
Sunday Service
Fukuoka Church, Western Japan
Unofficial notes: Ethel Hayakawa

There was a video report of 2010 church events centering on True Parents and also brief, photo report of each region's activities (Japan) in 2010.

Afterwards, there was a sermon by Rev. Son, Japan's leader (Continental Director), webcast live from Gifu church.

Here's some very brief excerpt from my unofficial, translated notes:

To proclaim the Queen's (Mother) country, you worked so hard.

God created all things. On the last day (7th day), he created Adam and Eve. The relationship is parent and children.

In order to find (God's) lost son and daughter, it took 6000 years.

God sent Jesus 2000 years ago. The Israelites didn't believe, so he was crucified. 2000 years later, God sent the second Messiah.

We love our kids. God's love for us is 10 time, 20 times more.

When you receive some gift, you say 'thank you'. ...If you have profit (benefit), you feel thankful. When you feel you didn't get a profit, you don't feel thankful. That's selfish.

He also said he climbed Mt. Fuji recently even though he's almost 70 years old.

Also, in the present donation providence in Japan, Gifu church is number 1 (in terms of accomplishment). This condition is, as my leader explained, a condition which Japan church is doing a sort of contribution to the Jeong Seong being offered by Hyung Jin Nim and 1200 others at the 21 day workshop in Yeosu.

This donation condition is only until this year (unless otherwise changed).

Other news:

We, the international blessed families, held a Xmas party at the Fukuoka church last December 25th. A few Filipina sisters from Oita, Kitakyushu and Nagasaki attended (together with their families. Two guests were also present.

Thanks to Raffy Ablong who organized the event. It was a nice time to unwind, relax and enjoy.

Program included some presentation and games--both for adults and kids. 

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