The Words of the Son Family

Internet sermon from Tokyo; Dae Mo Nim; Filipino guests at Sunday Service

Rev. Son
January 9, 2011
Fukuoka Church, Western Japan

A sermon by Rev. Son (webcast live at Fukuoka church. Rev. Son is Japan's overall leader. These are unofficial notes -- translated from Japanese.

Short excerpt:

We check a verse from the book of John (paraphrased): "I'm coming soon. I'm the Alpha and the Omega, First and Last, Beginning and the End."

God created this world. First, He has to create the ideal True Parents. True Parents are Original True Parents. No one can become True Parents but this position is decided by God.

Father died 7 times and resurrected 7times. He really became the representative of God. True Parents really liberated God. Now God can work directly with us...

We had so many indemnity conditions, esp. for Japan. Not the indemnity of Adam but the indemnity of Eve... She went through a long tunnel of indemnity. When we go through a tunnel, we can't see so much. Now God can live with us....

The Korean peninsula had blessing and trials. The Cheonan ship incident; Yeongpyeong island was attacked. Korea had 2 big tragedies.

It happened not because North Korea is bad but because South Korea has to repent. Everybody has to repent to God.

Like Sodom and Gomorrah. God asked Lot -- if you can find at least 50 people, I can forgive… but he couldn't find even 45. So he asked for 40, 35, 30 -- even 30 he couldn't find. 25,20, 25, 10, 5...

For Japan, it's the same, if there are faithful persons, she can't be judged. We have many members in Japan. Maybe 10 are faithful but we should increase more. I visited the whole nation....

...Did a big earthquake occurred in Tokyo? Why? Because everybody worked so hard. So if there are even 50 who have enough faith, this can save the nation...

We can see many faithful members in Japan. I couldn't see that in Canada or other nations...

This year we have to do our best to do God's dispensation. We have to make better results than last year's. This year we have to make a double (effort)...

For your family, tribe, nation, God's blessing will come.

From the Kyushu leader and Fukuoka church leader:

Dae Mo Nim will come and visit the whole of Japan this year. True Father requested Dae Mo Nim to help Japan. She'll be in Kyushu March of this year.

Do witnessing.

North and South Korean situation -- they've been separated for 60 years.

North Korea is like a beggar (90% of the population) is suffering. We have to liberate them. Their voice is crying...


We have two Filipina guests, actually 3, at the church this Sunday, Jan. 9. Two were contacts of Vangie Yoshitomi of Saga. They've taken some Divine Principle lectures but they've to go over some Blessing lectures from Raffy. The other was a contact of Raffy, who also expressed the willingness to receive the Blessing and have been introduced to the Divine Principle lectures already.

They were introduced to the congregation afterwards. 

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