The Words of the Son Family

Internet sermon from Tokyo; True Father memoirs' distribution report

Rev. Son
February 13, 2011
Unofficial notes: Edna Yamaguchi
Fukuoka Church, Western Japan

This Sunday's sermon was long. There was an internet sermon by Rev. Son, webcast from Tokyo. Before the sermon, there was a Divine Principle lecture review by another lecturer. Some brief excerpts:

Through the 8 great textbooks (Cheon Buk Ham), we inherit True Parents' fortune.

In the World War III, the countries on God's side are S. Korea, Japan and the USA. North Korea, China and Russia are the nations on the Communist or satanic side.

We aren't fighting with power. We have to fight with love. Conquer Satanic world with love.

Part 2. Rev. Son's sermon. Short excerpt:

Destroy old tradition.

We have to make a new tradition centered on God.

2011 is the foundation of Cheon Il Guk. We have to make the earth Cheon Il Guk. Unification Church members are the leaders of Cheon Il Guk.

God really loves blessed families, 10x as much as you love your children. You can't see God but God is really watching you.

Do you know how much/many hair do you have? God knows how many hair you have. That much God knows you.

If you're witnessing to 10 people before, this year you have to witness to 100 people.

Centering on True Parents, this world is moving. 5 points written on the PowerPoint:

1. This is the national Blessing era.

2. Obey the 8 Great Textbooks (Cheon Buk Ham).

3. Give Blessing to the world's 6.5 B people.

4. We have to educate them.

5. We have to take responsibility as the Mother country (Japan).

6. 2011 is a more busy year.

7. We have to work 10X more than before....

Part 3. From the new Fukuoka church over all Leader, Rev. Kim Short excerpt

When we do direct witnessing, it's not easy.

Now is the Pentecostal era for witnessing.

With True Father's memoirs, people change concepts about True Parents. We have to liberate them through Father's memoirs. With the autobiography, we have to go around and meet people.

Kim san distributed 4300 memoirs. I asked "Are you finished?". "Not yet." was his answer. He wants to deliver to all of Fukuoka.

Whoever reads Father's memoirs will change. They will start to listen to True Father's word and this will change the image of Unification Church. You don't need to have result quickly...

If you give out 430 books, 1/10th -- 43 people will study (Divine Principle?). 4 or 3 families may receive the Blessing....


March 1st, Dae Mo Nim will come to Fukuoka. Venue is Munakata. The day before that, she goes to Kumamoto. After Fukuoka. she will go to Okinawa.

Those who haven't attended the forgiveness ceremony (about 4 years ago) are especially encouraged to attend and drink the holy wine. Consult your local church for details.

The Fukuoka Sun Hak choir got a special prize during the recent True God's day celebration (choir contest) in Seoul.

There was an announcement that within 10 years, the Japan-Korea tunnel would have been finished. 

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