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Mike Stewart
October 31, 2006

Hi everyone,

This past weekend at the Parents Matching Convocation, the webmaster for announced that a new website was being created with many, many improvements over the old site.

Mike Stewart is creating a great tool for our families to help them find matches for their children. Please email him directly with questions from now on (not me). He is at Michael Stewart <mts881@>

I hope you will support him by visiting the website and giving your suggestions and submitting testimonies and such.

The link is below to the new site.

Below is part of the announcement that is written on the old website (

God bless,

Jim Stephens

We have created a new website at a new domain name: We hope to address the concerns with the following:

1. Appearance and organization - hopefully you will agree that the appearance is improved. If not, and you know a professional graphic designer willing to work for free, please email me. The organization is definitely improved - with sections and categories that clearly define the content of the site.

2. Application / candidate's info: we have changed the application form. It no longer carries the many page personality profile, and instead has more open-ended questions that hopefully reveal more about the candidate's personality & outlook. Also, if you choose to post to the database, you can include as many pictures as you like, or none. They can be family pictures or individual pictures of the candidate, or none at all.

3. Security - we will be re-issuing passwords and confirming that each user is still authorized (i.e. still has matching-age children). We have other security measures that we'll be implementing, but that will take time to roll out... we'll announce them as they become applicable. Until we re-issue the passwords, the candidates profiles will remain at

4. Domain name - will hopefully be more applicable to the several sources of information and the various users they serve.

5. The new site allows multiple contributors from any location. If you are interested in doing this, please email us.

h g

Our homework:

1. A 1-2 week comment period: we will have a comment period for the next two weeks. Users will be able to comment on the new site, and email us with any potential issues or incorrect information.

2. Migrate candidate database and issue new user names and passwords - you will receive an email from us if you are a registered user with access to the database.

Your homework:

1. Testimonies - please email us any testimonies that you have. These can be 2nd-gen matching/blessing testimonies, 1st-gen matching/blessing testimonies, general life testimonies... anything that will be useful to other users.

2. Articles - any articles (written by yourself or contributed), collections of quotes on the matching / blessing.

3. Post your candidates - obviously this requires consent of all parties involved. The more candidates posted, the more useful it will be for anyone. As mentioned earlier, you do not need to post pictures or any information that you are uncomfortable with.

4. Feedback - please send any feedback or issues with the site to our email.

5. If you meet the criteria (i.e. have matching-age children and are seeking to contact other parents) sign up for a password.

Thank you for your continued participation!

Mike Stewart


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