The Words of the Stewart Family New Candidates And Clarification Info

Michael Stewart
February 10, 2007

Dear Families,

We recently added a new sister to the website (log-in at

Second, I recently had some emails asking about specific details for the website and realized that they may be common misunderstandings it would be good to send out a clarification email to everyone.

Q: Who can receive a password?

A: Parents with matching-age (or nearly matching-age) children can apply for a password. You ARE NOT REQUIRED to post your own children's information to the site to get a password and view the candidates database. We ask that people who do not have matching age (or nearly so) blessed children not request passwords. If there is a compelling reason / special circumstances that require an exception to this, please email us.

Q: Is there a charge for using the site?

A: There is no charge for using the website. There is no official funding for it. From time to time the Blessed Family Department (in the USA) has paid a high-school or college student to do some site maintenance, post articles, go through emails, etc. The vast majority of the maintenance and design work has been done on a volunteer basis.

Q: What are the locations of the 1st Gen and 2nd Gen matching websites?

A: The 2nd gen matching website now resides at The first gen website is still at There are additional candidates at, however to view the candidates at that specific site, parents have been required to post their own children's information.

There have been discussions of a new matching website being developed in Korea for candidates from all countries, but as of yet I have not seen it or received a time table for its creation.

Q: How do I log on?

A: You log-in using the password I sent out (if you have forgotten this, you can reset it by following the link "forgot password" below the log-in box at You log on to by using the log-in box on the front page ( If you have problems logging in, you may need to alter your browser settings slightly to enable cookies. (Instructions for this are available at: )

If you have a BCCandidates password, please email us with your name, username and password, and we will add you to the website.

If you do not have a BCCandidates password, you will need to fill out the form to receive a password to It is currently located at:

Thanks and good luck!


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