The Words of the Stewart Family

AbsoluteLove.Org Format Change

Michael Stewart
April 24, 2007

Dear Families,

Given recent input from parents, we are going to try using an additional format to posting candidates' information. In addition to the standard profiles with pictures and biographical information, we will have another category with biographical information, but without the candidates name or pictures. The email address will be anonymous (e.g. and will forward to the family's personal email address. These profiles, like the others on the site, will be password protected to be accessed only by parents with passwords.

While this format may not be desirable for everyone, some families have suggested it as a method to retain a higher level of privacy for the candidates. Hopefully, it may draw some candidates into posting who otherwise would have no interest in the site. As there are thousands of potential candidates, and less than 50 currently listed on the site, we are interested in finding ways to make the site accessible for all families.

I am attaching an Application Form (pdf) - please indicate if you would be interested in posting using this format. All who wish to use the standard format are more than welcome to continue doing so.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns.


Mike Stewart

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