The Words of the Stewart Family

Three-Day HDFC Workshop and Internal Guidance by Rev. Ken Sudo

James Stewart
November 23 - 25, 2007
UTS, Barrytown, NY

There were many constraints in organizing and attending this workshop with Rev. Ken Sudo at UTS. The work shop was announced with only several days’ notice. It was announced in the middle of the 12 city tour. It was held on Thanksgiving weekend. There were many other constraints, but on Friday night at the start, 80 brothers and sisters gathered for the three-day HDFC workshop.

Many of us were deeply and profoundly moved as Rev. Sudo poured out his heart and intellect as only he can. I came away with a deeper understanding of the heart of God, a deeper understanding of who True Parents are, and a deeper understanding of who I am. My conviction that Hoon Dok Family Church is the way our movement will heal, move forward, and change this nation has been strengthened.

I want to allow brothers and sister to share in their own words. Here are some of the reflections on the workshop without the names.

First and foremost, the content is excellent and delivery is superb. Rev. Sudo ties HDFC into the core theology and ties it into family life, seamlessly. So, it is brilliant.

I came to this workshop looking for content that I am not able to receive on a regular basis. As a Blessed Child I feel that the outside world does a much better job of educating its young people, so I wanted to receive the best, informal education that I could.

Rev. Sudo’s lectures lived up to my expectations. They offered a deep and insightful view into content that is essential for the current time in history. My mind is filled with the questions of what if I could have understood this sooner, it would have prevented some suffering.

I think that Rev. Sudo could improve his lectures by giving his audience an outline of covered topics to better organize the delivery of content. I would suggest that his content become mandatory for all members to have the necessary understanding of the providence.

This time marked a new commitment for me.

This meant bringing to a close a 30-year period of aloneness in the wilderness, looking for a partner with whom I could really share my life and together work to establish the world of God.

My eternal spouse who is my destiny and I have used this time for the re-start of a life that includes Hoon Dok Family Church.

If Rev. Sudo did not come to USA to do this, I am sure that X and I would not get involved…..

The presentation has been outstanding and extraordinary. There are many aspects of the Principle that were not clear in its application in life. The true meaning of the Four Great Realms of Heart, Three Great Kingships and the understanding of God as Parents and its implication in teaching of morality, ethics, family values, and so forth were all presented clearer than before.

The mission of Tribal Messiah and the HDFC activities required by all Blessed Members as a means to inherit True Parents’ victorious foundation were also clarified. I am extremely grateful to have attended and for what I gained.

I am grateful to attend the workshop. Rev. Sudo conveys the content of the lecture with his heart, along with the words.

The main point -- I feel God’s suffering heart that He has to sacrifice everything to win Satan’s love.

True Parents (Father) understands and was able to accomplish his mission to liberate God’s painful, suffering heart.

It is our responsibility as God’s and True Parents’ children to follow our True Parents’ footsteps. At this time through Hoon Dok Church I will do my best to share the message with brothers and sisters and fulfill my responsibility to serve God and True Parents with all my heart.

Thank you so much for bringing Rev. Sudo to share his heart and insight. We have heard before bits and pieces of some presentations that he gave. But, also several lectures were completely new to me. To put together and present it the way he did made clearer the purpose and goal of HD Family Church. It will take time for us to institute everything but, at least, we have a clear beginning.

Basically I understood that Hoon Dok Family Church is a very important dispensation. I really want to be victorious, but I had many, many questions regarding this providence. This workshop is very important in that almost all of my questions were answered in this workshop. I am very, very grateful. The next steps are prayer -- planning -- action -- victory. Thank you so much, Rev. Sudo, for giving us the workshop at this critical moment in the providence. We are very grateful.

I enjoyed this workshop very, very much. First of all it was so awesome to be with Rev. Sudo again.

I feel that I learned a lot. I am so grateful that Rev. Sudo took the time to share this new and deeper content with us. I believe it will help me to be a better mother, wife, sister, and daughter. I believe it will help me to fulfill Hoon Dok Family Church more easily.

I hope that Rev. Sudo can visit us again and also visit other parts of America so other brothers and sisters can benefit from this knowledge.

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