The Words of the Stewart Family

Statement of Purpose and Vision for the Family Fellowship (DRAFT)

James Stewart
August 30, 2008

Family Fellowship (HDFC) -- Draft of a Mission Statement, A Statement of Purpose and a Statement of Vision

“Dear Members, first and foremost you must all give the blessing to your family and tribe, and centering on them, establish a tribal Hoon Dok family church. The success or failure of the Family Federation… and the providential victory or failure of the creation of one global family, depends on this initiative.”
Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon
Rally to Advance the Realization of the Settlement of Cheon Il Guk Korea, March 4, 2005.

Mission Statement

Family Fellowship is an experience with God through families in small groups in which our spiritual formation and development is strengthened through discipleship, fellowship, ministry, evangelism and worship promoting the blessing of marriage.

Statement of Purpose Family Fellowship is a call to community. It is the call to build a place that can impact and transform our lives through safe, nurturing, encouraging and healing small groups and communities centered on loving God and living for the sake of each other.

Statement of Vision

It is the vision that all families will be empowered and encouraged by their communities where they can find real acceptance, affirmation, hope, love, support and even healing -- resulting from having a real relationships with God.

It is the vision that all families care for and nurture our future generations together in intimate communities of small groups -- family fellowship groups -- where no one is left behind to suffer alone in silence.

It is the vision that families can grow more intimate and warmer to each other, grow closer to God, mature in God-given loving characters, and better serve the larger community together.

It is the vision that all families will become world-changers by providing vibrant and caring and loving communities around us to realize God’s Dream of a true peaceful world.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It has been a short two and a half years since we established Family Fellowship (HDFC), Since then, new members are starting to join our movement, many distant members are starting to return into community with us, and many of our families are starting to find a new hope and are starting to build strong healthy communities.

There are many testimonies of personal and family transformation through Family Fellowship. I want to take this opportunity to encourage each and every family to join a small group (Family Fellowship) and to experience this call to community themselves: If not to transform our own lives, then to help to transform the lives of another family. This is the place we can love God and attend True Parents by living for the sake of each other.

May God Bless You,

James Stewart
National Director
Family Fellowship (HDFC) 

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