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Middle East Peace Initiative International Youth Leadership 41

Fiona Stewart
May 18, 2009

Dear Friends,

It is with great pleasure and anticipation that the Youth Federation for World Peace announces the 41st Middle East Peace Initiative from June 21st to July 4th. We will gather youth participants and organizations from Europe and America in the Holy Lands of Israel and Palestine under the banner of “Bridging Cultures -- Becoming Peacemakers.“

The Middle East Peace Initiative is a project of the Universal Peace Federation that started in 2003 and brought thousands of Ambassadors for Peace from around the world to the Holy Land. Together with The Youth Federation for World Peace, MEPI developed a special project, entitled International Youth Leadership, to gather and network youth who share the same passion for tackling today’s social, political, and economic problems.

This partnership will provide a platform for participants to experience and celebrate the cultures of the Middle East by providing an unbiased portrayal of Israel and Palestine and the conflict that afflicts them both. We will work closely with Israeli and Palestinian locals to gain an intimate perspective of the situation that has such global implications.

Furthermore, by providing opportunities for peace-building dialogue, cooperation and service, we aim to empower youth leaders to take responsibility and creative action to dissolve the conflicts that plague our shared future.

Past MEPI projects have also addressed a wide variety of aspects, ranging from working with political organizations like One Voice, Mepeace, Geneva Initiative, to providing activities and cooperation in educational settings. We have promoted interfaith dialogue opportunities, as well as participated in many beautification and renovation service projects. Lastly, we have hosted cultural tours to the historic sites like the Dome of the Rock, the Dead Sea, and the Western Wall.

This year we hope to continue with a program that can build upon the successes of its predecessors. However, in order to cover the costs, a registration fee of $700 ($720 if bank transfer) is required. Two-thirds of the fee will cover accommodation, transportation, and food expenses, while the remaining one-third will be used to provide materials and other support to the local projects.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact Fiona Stewart. We look forward to enjoying your company. Together we can make this program a great success!


Fiona Stewart
Coordinator MEPI IYL 41 

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