The Words of the Sudo Family

Blessing Tesimony

Masato Sudo
January 2004

Dear brothers and sisters,

I'm sure you're wondering, what has happened to all of our hyung's and nuna's/ oppa's and onni's since they've gotten Blessed? They all seem to disappear! Well, here's a little testimony of mine that may give you some idea why our minds may be a little distracted after having been Blessed...

This summer I went to Europe with my wife, Hwayoung. We went to Lisbon, Portugal and then to Paris, France. We stayed in Portugal for 20 days enjoying numerous sunny beaches, castles, summer events, evening walks, etc. etc. Then we went to Paris for 3 days. This story is about the last day in Paris. We got up late in the morning and decided to go to the Louvre Museum (largest museum in the world w/ famous paintings like the Mona Lisa). We spent a good five hours in the museum appreciating beautiful paintings, sculptures, etc. By the time we got out of the museum it was late afternoon. We then decided to go to a romantic park in Paris. This park was specially made for romantic couples. It had a beautiful lake and in the middle of the lake there was an island with a sculpture of a couple in each other's arms kissing. We went out on a row boat, first me rowing, then her rowing, and eventually both of us rowing side-by-side. Finally, it was night time and the moon began to show itself. What better place to go then to the Eiffel Tower? So we went to the top of the Eiffel Tower. At the top I was holding her in my arms and asked her to sing me my favorite song (the first song she ever sang for me). Meanwhile, I was dead nervous about presenting the gift I planned to give her. When she finished her singing I gathered my courage and said "Hwayoung, I have something to ask you." She asked, "what?" and then I responded, "wait, I need a little time for preparation." Twenty minutes later I mustered up every inch of courage I had and got down on one knee (other people were watching this too) and began to tell her..."Hwayoung. I've been doing a lot of thinking for a while now. You know how our marriage was decided by the church and that we really didn't have much choice in the matter? Well, I want to do something different for you now. This time I personally would like to ask you something. This is not because I was forced to do this, not because it is part of church tradition, but because I honestly want to do it from the bottom of my heart. I want to live the rest of my life with you. I want to live with you, have children and a family with you, and grow old with you. And I'd just like to ask you one thing..." then I pulled out the ring I had in my pocket and held it up to her and asked "will you marry me?" Her hands went to her mouth and she was speechless. Seconds began to pass... so I asked her quietly out of the corner of my mouth, "can you answer? please? people around us are waiting for your answer too..." She then looked at me smiling and answered "yes." We embraced and kissed and she whispered into my ear, "thank you. this is the best gift I have ever received in my life." Later, we carved into the wooden railing, "Just Married, Machan + Hwachan", went back down, and walked off in each others arms...

whew... I feel like I just finished a romance novel. But all of it really did happen :) Hope you enjoyed my story :)

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